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If you are in need of Termite Control or Pest Control Selma, Witten Pest Control has served residential and commercial business customers in Selma, as well as nearby surrounding areas, for over 70 years.

Due to the varied area of Selma including homes with established landscapes and newer construction which creates its own kinds of pest problems. We most often hear spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, ants, fleas, and wasps are the biggest nuisance pests in Selma.

With convenient, no-contract pest control service and the friendliest customer service staff in town, give us a call and we’ll give you a cheerful phone quote and schedule your service.

We are Texas proud and Texas strong providing exceptional service and workmanship as well as the kind of old-fashioned service our customers have valued over the test of time. We are a family owned, customer service focused company.

If You Hate Bugs…You’re Gonna Love Us! 
Serving Residential & Commercial Pest Control Customers Since 1948

Common Harmful Home Pests in Selma


Not all spiders are to be feared, like outdoor Wolf Spiders. However, the ones to watch out for are the well known Black Widow and Brown Recluse.Spider Araneus Cobweb

Black Widow

  • Known for the female’s shiny black body with the red hourglass design
  • Have a potent neurotoxic venom
  • Commonly found in dark, dry areas

Brown Recluse

  • Identified by the violin-shaped markings on the top of their cephalothorax
  • Typically only bites when disturbed
  • Often hide in dark, dusty places


Cockroaches are one of the most common and frustratingly nasty pests to get rid of.How To Get Rid Of Roaches

  • Spreads bacteria very quickly
  • Known to carry up to 33 different kinds of bacteria
  • Can carry 6 different parasitic worms
  • Can live up to 9 days without it's head
  • Can trigger asthma attacks
  • Runs up to three miles in an hour


If you have scorpions or are in an area prone to scorpions, you want to watch out for areas like laundry piles, boots and shoes, closets, etc. inside and under piles of wood, rocks in mulch and those kinds of areas outside.Scorpion

  • Scorpions are nocturnal and hide out in the day in areas that you may least likely expect
  • Female scorpions can produce up to 100 babies in a single brood


Ants are extremely common in this area and can become quite a nuisance if they invade your home or yard.Ants

  • Most ant stings may cause some pain, but are generally harmless
  • Ants communicate with other colony members through unique chemicals called pheromones
  • Significant rainfall destroys ants' underground tunnels, causing ant mounds to appear


Wasps are primarily feared due to their very painful sting, but do offer some great benefits to your home when kept in check.Animal Bee Beehive

  • Wasps can sting over and over again
  • Can provide natural pest control
  • Highly defensive of their territory
  • Generally not aggressive when left alone
  • Start new nests each Spring

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Safety
    We care about the safety of those in your home including your pets.
  • Peace of Mind
    Feel more at peace that your family is truly safe and sound from unwanted pests.
  • Save Time
    Spend less wasted time and effort on performing your own pest control.

Get Started With Your Selma Pest Control Services

In business for more than 70 years, Witten Pest Control has served many customers in Selma and we are very familiar with the nuisance pests in the area!  We provide quality, affordable pest control options and utilize professional treatment methods and procedures that are most effective to provide immediate and long-term control for Selma pest control customers.

Witten Pest Control provides both residential and commercial pest control throughout Selma and other areas in Central South Texas. We use only the best, professional grade materials and exceptional workmanship as well as the kind of old-fashioned service our customers have valued over the test of time. We are a family owned and customer service focused company. 

One of the things our customers love most about us is that we have “no contracts.” We prefer for our customers to stick around because they love our service and staff, not because they are bound to a contract. We are also a pet friendly business and love your pets as much as you do! 

Due to the varied area of Selma including homes with established landscapes and newer construction which creates its own kinds of pest problems, we most often hear spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, ants, fleas, and wasps are the biggest nuisance pests in Selma.

The good news is that Witten Pest Control is here to help with all your pest control in Selma and has service options to eliminate your current pest problems and prevent future infestations.

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Please give us a call at (210) 625-3056 for a cheerful, friendly phone quote or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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Why call a “salesman” when you can call Witten Pest Control for a free termite evaluation completed by the guys that know termites, how to treat them and what needs to be done for the most effective, cost-efficient control methods.

We Love Our Customers

  • "We have been very pleased with our experience with Witten. A true expert in the field, our technician educated us on our pest control problem and walked us through the treatment process. Professional, thorough, and informative."
    - Kristin W.
  • "If you are looking for a company that is extremely passionate about its mission, then Witten Pest Control is the business for you. They are extremely well-versed in their knowledge of the pest control world and actually care about their clients."
    - Kaitlyn K.
  • "I have been using Witten Pest Control for almost 7 years. Always on time, professional, and polite. Christian came today and was very thorough and formative. Keep up the good work. Jessica is always curious and cheerful. It is a pleasure to talk with her."
    - Anna W.
  • "I have pets so was concerned about having a pest control company come in and spray around my dogs. The tech was reassuring and informative and I ultimately experienced no issues w my pets following the residential treatment by Witten Pest Control."
    - Rachel T.
  • "

    Witten Pest Control is a great company! They do all they can to help their customers. They are honest and will give customers the true story if there is nothing they can do because of the environment and such. Showing me they are not just out for a buck"

    - Ginger P.
  • "I am a San Antonio Realtor and have referred Witten Pest Control to several of my clients. All of my clients were exceptionally pleased with the level of service provided by Witten Pest Control. They were also impressed with the professionalism and excelle"
    - Donna C.
  • "I highly recommend Witten Pest Control. I had a "bug emergency" when I bought my new home and the crew at Witten saved the day! Quickly, efficiently and ever so friendly. They walked me through the entire process and worked with me through all of"
    - Stacy H.
  • "This morning I had my first experience with Witten Pest control & I have to say it was phenomenal! Troy was friendly from the moment I answered my door. He sprayed inside & outside and asked if I had any specific concerns. The service I received fr"
    - Melissa V.
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