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Being involved in animal rescue for over 20 years, my passion for being an active part in the lives of homeless, abandoned, abused and neglected companion animals has been a huge part of my life. Admittedly, I really wish at times I would have chosen another path other than saving dogs and cats. As I often say with a difficult rescue, "sheesh, how many broken hearts can one girl have in a lifetime." With a growing population of people in our communities, the rise of homeless animals is epidemic and we are faced with no kill shelters that are constantly full and euthanasia rates at kill facilities occurring daily. The numbers of pets being surrendered to shelters by their owners and the vast number of animals on the streets that are not spayed or neutered is both disturbing and disheartening for the people trying to save their lives or find homes for them . Although social media is helping to get the word out about responsible pet ownership, spaying/neutering, reporting abuse and rallying that "pets are for life," the spiral continues making it feel to many of us that there is no end in sight. The rescue world has come along way from 20 years ago when I would stand on a street corner wearing a dog costume and holding a sign saying "Will Wag For Cash," but the passion, pain and glory of saving a life remain the same and the need is still very real. I created this page as part of our Witten Pest Control business web site for a couple of reasons; our customers often inquire about resources for their pets and how they can help. If you are a customer of ours, it's not too hard to tell we are a dog friendly office when Natalia, my personal rescue dog decides she wants to be heard. "Natalia, hush!!!" This page was also created to recognize our friends in the rescue community and the countless numbers of hours, broken hearts, financial burdens and especially the love it takes to do our work. I hope all of you that you will check out and enjoy the resources on this page including adoption, volunteer and foster opportunities as well as general information about pet care or how to help a lost pet find its way home. Lastly, I want to recognize the dog pictured in this story, much of my rescue work is now dedicated to him. Rest in peace, Kayroe. You were loved by many, we cheered you on until the very end and you will never be forgotten.

-Patti Witten

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Transporting is a great way to help dogs and cats get out of high risk facilities or go to foster and permanent homes.  Often times there are multiple drivers involved that take turns on a route (a leg) which is typically 1-2 hours one way. Check out their FB page and sign up to help a homeless pet.  

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